Table 8. Indicators and target

Source: Regional Health Directorate

The Report provided by the Regional Health Directorate for the number of operational health facilities and the institutional maternal mortality ratio covered the six (6) MMDAs in the region.

However, the institutional malaria case fatality reduced by 2,149 and 4,548 for under Five (5) years and Above Five (5) years respectively in 2020. This represents a percentage reduction of 17.4% and 16.7% respectively.

Table 9. Indicators and target

Source: Regional Health Insurance Authority

The data in the table above shows the proportion of the population in the region with valid NHIS card and also those who are active members.

The proportion of the population with valid NHIS card increased by 20.0% in 2020. However, there was an increase in the percentage of category of the population with active membership in 2020. The category includes total female active members, indigents, the aged, under 18 years and pregnant women. This incline could be due to desire developed by this category of the population towards the scheme and some benefits they enjoyed when accessing healthcare with the NHIS card.

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