Regional Potentials The region is endowed with natural resources such as forest reserves with timber species, gold deposits, cocoa, fertile land for agriculture and tourist attractions. This report captures the key policies, programmes, projects and activities undertaken by its Departments/units as well as MMDAs and MDAs within the region for the first year of its operations, April to December, 2019.

Table 6: Update on indicators and target (regional average)


Source: Regional Agriculture Directorate

The regional average for the total output in Maize production for 2019 was 63,424 metric tons. However, in 2020 the regional average increased by 4,300 metric tons representing 6.77%. There has also been an increase in the regional average of the total output for the other crops being produced in the region. In 2020, the regional average for Rice increased significantly by 3,794 metric tons representing 17.23% whiles that of Cassava increased by 31,600 metric tons representing 19.38% while the regional average for Cocoyam increased by 34,117 metric tons representing 24.16%. Plantain also increased by 6,408 metric tons representing 9.39%.

Cattle, Sheep and Pig all increased by 5.23% while that of Poultry increased by 10.43%. However, the regional average for Goat increased significantly by 19.71%. The increase in the Crop production and animal rearing can be attributed to the President’s Flagship programme of Planting for Food and Jobs.

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