The Bekwai Municipal is one of the 43 administrative districts in the Ashanti Region and it is located in the southern part of the region. The Municipality lies within 6º 00’N - 6º30 ‘N and Longitudes 1º00W and 1º 35W. and it covers a total land area of about 633sqkm  

The Municipal shares boundaries with Amansie West District to the west, Bosomtwe District to the north, Adansi South and Adansi North Districts to the south and the Asante Akim South District to the east.

In other parts of the Municipality, however, human activities, particularly farming and timber extraction, have reduced the primary forest to secondary forests.

The population of the Municipality according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census stands at 118,024 with 55,615 males 62,409 females.