Celebrating Districts and Promoting Good Governance is a private initiative that was borne out of the desire to have a one stop shop information centre for metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in Ghana. A network of media professionals and IT professionals dedicated to local governance decided to develop this website to promote local governance in Ghana.

The site examines how metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives as the main agents of government’s development efforts develop innovative solutions to long-standing socio-economic problems such as housing, transport, education, environment and employment.

It is not surprising that the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development which is the supervisory body of all these district assemblies and their Chief Executives readily accepted to have a public-private partnership with us in the development and management of the website. 

Before long started attracting a lot of visitors who wanted to know much about Ghana. This increased the level of responsibility on us as the promoters of district assemblies and for that matter Ghana as a whole.

Because every Ghanaian comes from one district or the other, we found ourselves serving the whole Ghanaians living abroad. Suddenly every Ghanaian living abroad became interested in their district and would make enquiries every moment. 

Districts and their people are essential drivers of all economies. therefore works for a harmonious and fruitful relationship between districts and their economies. The website also analyses the new challenges of urban governance, including migration pressures, community integration, and disaster management.

In this era, metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies, rather than a nation or state, will shape the world’s social, cultural, technological and economic agendas. 

This process will lead to increased competition for human, intellectual and material resources but, also, force districts to co-operate with and learn from one another. promotes constructive competition and acts as a forum for cooperation and communication between districts.