South Tongu is one of the twenty five (25) Municipalities and Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The administrative capital of the District is Sogakofe.  

The District shares boundaries with the Central Tongu District to the north and north-west, the Akatsi South District to the north-east, Keta Municipal to the south and the Dangbe-East District to the west and south-west.

The main river draining the district is the Volta, which runs along its western border, but it is also drained by numerous streams, prominent among them being the Chinni and Todzi, with a large number of lagoons in the southern sector of the District. 

The District lies within the wet semi-equatorial and dry equatorial climatic zones, which are very good for livestock production.

The coastal strip is covered by swamp and mangrove vegetation.

South Tongu had an estimated population of 87,766 as at 1994 and this is growing by some 2.5% per annum. This is faster than the regional growth rate of two percent but lower than the national one of three percent.

The population of the municipality according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 87,950 with 40,019 males and 47,931 females.