The Upper West Region is one of the ten regions of Ghana. It is located at the North Western corner of Ghana with latitude 9.8°- 11.O° North and longitude 1.6°- 3.0 West, bounded to Burkina Faso to the North.It covers a geographical area of 18,476 square kilometres which represents 12.7% of the total land area of Ghana.

The northern Ghana-Burkina Faso border, on the east by the Upper East region and Northern region, on the south by the Northern region, and on the west by the western Ghana-Burkina Faso border borders the Upper West region on the north. It is the seventh largest region in Ghana in total area, and it is made up of eleven (11) districts. By virtue of its location, it has the potential for international and inter-regional trade and other bi-lateral relations, but the overspill of criminal activities and disaster, such as bush fires, diseases and pestilence, armed robbery etc., from our neighbours also pose a threat to the region.