The Upper Denkyira West District is one of the twenty two (22) Metropolitan, Municipalities and Districts in the Central Region of Ghana.

It was carved out of the erstwhile Upper Denkyira District with the Administrative Capital as Diaso.

The Upper Denkyira West District lies within latitudes 5º 30’ N and 6º 02’ N of the equator and longitudes 1º W and 2º W of the Greenwich Meridian

It shares common boundaries with the following districts:- Babiani Ahwiaso Bekwai Municipal to the north, Amansie West and Amansie Central Districts to the east, Amenfi East and Amenfi West Districts to the west, and Upper Denkyira East Municipality to the south. The District has a total land area of 579.21 square kilometers which represents 3% of the total land area of the Central Region.

The population of the District according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 60,054 with 30,193 male and 29,861 female.