Fanteakwa North District forms part of the thirty two (32) Municipalities and Districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Fanteakwa lies within longitudes 0°32.5’ West and 0°10’ East and latitudes 6° 15’ North and 6° 40’ North. 

Begoro is the District capital with an estimated population of 23,070 (18,200 in 1984) while the total District population stands at 103,711 (1997) and about 74934 (1984). It is located exactly at the middle of the Eastern Region. 

With a total land area of 1150, Fanteakwa North District occupies 7.68% of the total land area within the Region (18310 and constitutes 0.48% of the total land area in Ghana.

It is bounded to the north by the Volta Lake, to the north-west by Kwahu-South District, south-west by the East Akim Municipal, Lower Manya Krobo District to the east and to the south-east by the Yilo Krobo Municipal.

The population of the district according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 108,614 with 54,010 males and 54,604 females.