Bono East Region is said to be the fourth-biggest region in the country, playing a central role in the socio-economic landscape of the country.

The region has a landmass of 23,654 square kilometres representing 2,365,400 hectares.

It has about 44,000 hectares of low valley land for paddy rice production and more than 1,250,000 hectares of arable land for the production of grains and tubers.

The region experiences two rain-fed seasons for grains production per annum, while about 95 per cent of its landmass is suitable for both cash and food crops.

Another interesting factor is that the region has a Volta Lake which provides conducive ecosystems for aquaculture.

It also has a potential for commercial production of grains such as rice, maize and sorghum; oilseeds such as soya beans, groundnuts as well as roots and tubers such as yam, cassava and potatoes, among others.

As their main cash crops, Bono East Region has a vast arable land that supports the cultivation of cocoa, cashew nut and mango. The Region has such as yam, cassava, plantain, cocoyam and others as food crops.

Date Created : 8/18/2023 12:00:00 AM