Atiwa Assembly supports community self-help projects
Unlike the unfortunate believe that it is the responsibility of government to provide all needs of communities, some people have different ideas and have initiated moves to address their developmental challenges.

Date Created : 12/15/2017 4:42:24 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shiimori/

These communities believe that government alone cannot do it, more so waiting for government to deal with all their problems will take forever because the meager resources would have to be fairly distributed so every community can get its share.

Therefore, in the Atiwa district in the Eastern Region, a number of communities have prioritize their needs and have taken the bold step to solve them with the hope of getting assistance to complete them.

Their hope was made good following a favourable response to their request for assistance from the district assembly.

Since most of these projects have to do with construction of one structure or the other, the District Assembly supported these projects with quantities of cements and in some cases roofing sheets.

This year, about eight (8) communities benefited from the Assembly for their self-help projects and include
• Asaman Tamfoe R/C Primary – 100 bags of cement
• Moseaso – 100 bags of cement towards community centre
• Abekoase Presby Primary – 50 bags of cement
• Akutuase DA Primary – 50 bags of cement
• Apasewase – 50 bags of cement towards completion of community centre
• Kadewaso – 30 bags with one pack of roofing sheet for the completion of community centre
• Sekyere – 20 bags of cement for completion of a police post
• Bomaa D/A Primary – 20 bags of cement

The District Chief Executive also opined that the sure way of witnessing accelerated development in the various communities is for the people to partner government and for that matter the assembly to finding solutions to pressing issues confronting them and lauded the aforementioned communities for taking such bold initiatives.

He assured that the assembly will continue to make provisions for interventions in such self-help projects and urged all others to take the initiative in their communities and invite the assembly for assistance.