Ejura-Sekyedumase holds performance review assessment
Various decentralised departments in the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipal Assembly had the opportunity of reviewing their performance for last year and projecting for this year.

Date Created : 2/14/2019 4:23:48 AM : Story Author : Eugenia Larbi/

Among them include the Social Welfare, followed by Community Development, Health Directorate, Health Insurance, Environmental Health, Agric, Business Advisory Centre, Police Service, Prison Service, VRA, Education, NADMO and Works Department.

The departmental representatives outlined some achievements and problems facing the various department. Relevant questions were also thrown to them to be answered after their presentation.

Health Directorate

The directorate as part of its medium term plan focuses on construction of more community-based health planning and services (CHPS) compounds, and was able to build 9 within the period.

Other achievements include; the reduction or eradication of mother to child transmission of HIV in Ejura with all the tests done. Also, reduction of T.B cases as a result of intensive education and the utilization of the hospital service has been at its best.

Some challenges highlighted include; old clinical equipment, frequent shortage of essential medicines and very high one doctor to patient ratio.

After the presentation, a suggestion was made that the hospital should make good use of their suggestion boxes through which patients can channel their grievances.

The Health Insurance manager’s presentation was more centred on the new mobile renewal service. He stated that the mobile renewal service uses *929 at its code and for a faster service the code, *929*1 should be used. It is available to every network and every mobile device. However, pregnant women are not included. Some questions were asked such as, on the part of the service providers, what happens when the C.C.C., is not accessible? He answered empathetically that no C.C.C., no service will be provided.

The Environmental Health Department though was able to evacuate heaps of refuse dumps, screening of food vendors as well as organised clean-up exercises and communal labour in the municipality, their work has not been without challenges.

Among their challenges as presented include lack of means of transportation serving as a barrier for routine checking of houses, interference from opinion leaders, among others.

The director also assured that measures would be put in place to ensure refuse containers are place at new areas.


The Agric Directorat also disclosed that 41 extension officers were trained for post crop care. During the 2018 Farmers’ Day Celebration, 22 farmers were awarded in the various enterprises.

Mr. Issah Mohammed from the Business Advisory Centre stated that their target of 50 clients for each quarter was achieved last year. NGOs such as Rural Enterprise Program and IPEP supported some of their programs such as training of hairdressers, technical training in soap making, etc. there were 12 business registration in 2018.

Prison Service

The Prison Service disclosed that they have 26 inmates in custody currently. Their main challenge is feeding them, and made a passionate appeal to NGOs and philanthropists to assist them.


Education directorate disclosed that 176 NABCO personnel have been posted to the various schools but one challenge was that some of the personnel refused postings to rural areas.


NADMO carried out a number of activities during the period under review among which include education on bushfire, conducting clean-up exercises, etc. One challenge they encountered is inadequate funds.

The municipal works department stated some of the infrastructures they have worked on, some completed and others yet to be completed. Community Development also highlighted some of their activities carried within the year such as 530 students in 10 schools were educated with a budget of GH1000.00.