JUABEN: Election of PM ends in deadlock
Attempt by the Juaben Municipal Assembly to elect a Presiding Member could not produce the anticipated result as none of the candidates was able to secure the two-third majority of valid votes casts for the position.

Date Created : 4/27/2018 8:49:09 AM : Story Author : Esinam P. Ibrahim/

The election which was held at the Methodist Church Conference room on 23rd April, 2018 in Juaben witnessed two rounds of voting but none produced a winner forcing the infant assembly which was curved out of the then Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Assembly to postpone the election indefinitely.

Four candidates contested for the post including Emmanuel Gallo, Owusu Kwarteng Richmond, Patrick Nti and Nana Owusu Yentumi.

During the first round of election, Emmanuel Gallo pulled 7 votes, Owusu Kwarteng Richmond, 4 votes, Patrick Nti had 6 votes and Nana Owusu Yentumi also had 7 votes.

All having failed to obtain the two thirds of the votes, a second round was suggested. And for the second round , three candidates were presented and they each polled as follows; Hon Emmanuel Gallo 8 votes, Patrick Nti 8 votes, and Nana Owusu Yentumi 8 votes; making a total of 24 votes with one absent all failing to meet the required two-third majority.

The election was supervised by the Ag. Municipal electoral officer of the electoral commission, Mr. Samuel Ofori