People of Kpandai-Salaga cries over poor roads
The District Chief Executive of Kpandai Assembly, Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Tatablata, said the District would be cut off as a no-go area from the rest of the Northern region if nothing is done to improve the roads before the raining season.

Date Created : 3/7/2018 2:18:16 AM : Story Author : Irene Kwakye/

In an interview with, the DCE said, the road which has been worn out to sandy state, will affect motorist and communities along during raining season, and that cars would have to swim across.

He is therefore appealing to government to rehabilitate the road because the road serves as the District’s main link to the rest of the Northern region, yet has been left since its colonial days to deteriorate and threatening lives in the process.

The DCE further said across the whole District, there is no single tarred road and passengers have to deal with dust and mud during raining seasons. These usually create deep potholes with cars getting stuck, leaving passengers stranded.”

The old buss is usually overloaded with more passengers sitting on its rooftop for the next three hours of hell for the otherwise thirty minutes journey if the road was in good shape.

Mr. Tatablata mentioned that economic activities are affected in the district, saying the bad state of the roads in the area including those linking the catchment farming communities; the farmers are crying over low price offers for their yams because it take's daring drivers and buyers to venture into certain parts of the area during the harvest.