Krobo chiefs appeal for bead-making factory
The chiefs and the people of Manya Aklomuase Division of Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region have appealed to the government to establish a bead-making factory under the one District one factory initiative to help create jobs the youth in the area.

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Chief of the area, Okpatakpla Sasraku (Iv), who made the appeal said that beads were indispensable in the lives of the Krobo people since “It is seen in our culture, religion and even in our political lives.”

“We the krobos are among the oldest and most famous makers and uses of Beads in the world, just as gold is associated with the Ashanti, so is the beads associated with the Krobos.”

“The beads are used in all our rites, in pregnancies, birth, puberty, marriage and death including the installation of chiefs and Queen mother’s”, the chief added.

He thus called on the government to establish a factory for the beads makers in the area to help enhance and promote their work and further promote the rich culture of the country in the international market.

He also advised the youth to consider beads making as part of their trade and entrepreneurship since it will equip them with the needed skills for income generation to feed themselves and families.