Kintampo NHIA holds Annual Review Conference
The Kintampo Municipal National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) held their 2022 Annual Performance Review to take stock and measure their end of year performance to see if target sets have been achieved for the year under review.

Date Created : 3/20/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Rufina Yuoni/

Comparing 2021 and 2022 in the indicators which are; Active Membership, Mobile Renewal, Indigent registration, and Leap Beneficiaries, revenue collection did not do well under the year in review. He thanked all stakeholders for supporting the achievement of the targets of the NHIA in the Kintampo Municipality.

In the way forward, “2023 NHIS Kintampo Municipal would collaborate with the department of social welfare to increase indigent’s registrations within the district, reliance on mobile renewal and MYNHIS APP for membership enrollment and revenue collection since that was their lowest achievement.

Again, frequent community outreach programs, constant monitoring of targets on daily, weekly and quarterly basis, institutional registration, and house to house registration” he stated.

The Director of NHIA, Kintampo, mentioned some challenges faced such as; poor connectivity on network, no vehicle for the scheme operations, inadequate and unsuitable furniture and air-condition for officers, no credentialed pharmacy shop in the Municipality among others.

The District Manager of the Kintampo Municipal NHIA Mr. Anthony Asuo Nkimandong in his address briefed invited guest and stakeholders about the performance of the year under review 2021/2022 and indicated that, “through our collective and individual efforts, we were able to meet 109.8% of active Membership with 9.8% as overachievement”.

In the breakdown of their performance in the target given them for the year under review, Mobile renewal was 107.6% with overachievement of 7.6%, indigents target was 138.7% with overachievement of 38.7%, and Revenue was 69% each was the poorly performed indicator due to copayment which is caused by; most health care facilities involve in illegal charges, some facilities taking monies from active NHIA members without issuing receipt, some facilities rendering services above their levels and asking NHIA members to pay for them.

Mr. Asuo Nkimandong made it known to guests that, “Effects of Copayment on membership Registration, the role of stakeholders” as the theme for this year’s Review was to erase the notion that NHIA is not in existence and was happy healthcare providers and stakeholders are here to take the message across and that co-copayment is the problem at hand affecting membership drive.

The Bono East Regional Director of NHIA, Mr. George Oppong Dankwa in his speech outlined some achievements made under year on review by the regional and District levels which Kintampo Municipality was one of the best in the Bono East in performance.

He also appealed to stakeholders to try getting credential pharmacy to assist the scheme in the municipality and the measures are being taken by the region in solving copayment problems all over the region.

In conclusion, Mr. Opong Dankwa said “the Government has added four (4) childhood cancers to NHIS and with selected hospitals including our own Bono East Region Holy Family Hospital Techiman as one”, he ended.