The state of health service in the district has improved significantly in last few years. In addition to the District Hospital located in Kete Krachi the district capital. Eight other health service facilities are available and fairly distributed over the district. These include Public Clinics/Health Centers, CHPS Compounds and a Reproductive and Child Health Care Clinic.

There are only two Medical Doctors and a few Medical Assistants and Physician Assistants in the District with a clear shortage of other critical medical support staffs. The effect of the inadequacy of critical medical personnel is much more felt in the rural communities.

The major diseases in the district are malaria, bilharzias, whooping cough, diarrhoea and until recently guinea worm.

urveillance on HIV/AIDS in the Krachi West District has not been wide-ranging but limited to a few basic statistics from the District Hospital which is neither readily available nor readily provided by the District Health Administration. Though there is a Voluntary Testing and Counselling Center in the District, current data in this field are not handy. However there is a reported high prevalence rate of HIV, Malaria and Bilharzia in the district.



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