Educational Institutions

The Krachi West district has various educational institutions which cater for different categories of the school going population. These include institutions for pre-school, basic, primary Secondary technical, secondary and tertiary education in the district. There six (6) circuits in the district. The school enrolment for KG for 2016/2017 academic is shown in the table below;

Considering the school enrolment for KG one and two vis a vis the the distribution of teachers it is obvious that there is a gap between pupils and teachers. As per the planning standards of one (1) teacher per forty four (44) pupils, the situation in the district is one teacher per sixty one pupils. This situation couples with inadequate school infrastructure and furniture for pupils and teachers.


First Cycle Schools

The first Cycle Educational Institutions in the district comprise of the Primary and Junior secondary Schools. They are also spatially distributed within the eight (6) educational circuits

Enrolment by sex in Primary Schools in KRACHI WEST District (2016-2017)

The table below shows school enrolment by various circuits. The boys are more than girls in circuits but the different is not much. However, efforts should be made to bridge the gap between boys and girls enrolment in all the circuits.

Distribution of Teachers in Primary Schools – Krachi District (2017/2018)

Again, per the planning standards for pupil and teacher ratio in primary school which is 1:30 pupils, same cannot be applied to the primary schools in the district. The teacher pupil ratio for Krachi Central, Monkra, Osramanae, Ehiamankyene, Nkyenekyene, Old Dobeso for 2016/2017 academic year was 1:96, 1:28 , 1:40, 1:48, 1:17, and 1:48 respectively. There was more teachers at Monkra and Nkyenekyene circuits and it therefore required that teachers should be redistributed to others circuits where there are gaps.


Enrolment by sex in Junior High Schools in Krachi District (2016/2017)

The enrolment figures for male were more than that of female. The female enrolment is low partly because of female school drop out at the junior high. There should be measures to address females dropping out of school. These include motivation for females and discouraging of early marriage. Also, there are many untrained teachers at the junior high school level. This phenomenon is contributing to poor performance of pupils. It is important to recruit more qualified teachers to help avert the situation.


Second Cycle Schools

There are two secondary school schools, one Vocational school and Midwifery Training school in the district. The table below shows the details.
























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