Brief Historical Background of Kete -Krachi

The present-day Krachi West District with Kete Krachi being its capital town is the remnant of the former Krachi District that was created since the beginning of the current decentralization programme in 1988. The administrative and political jurisdiction of the former Krachi District has since undergone remarkable changes.

The then Krachi District was re-established by Legislative Instrument 1501 (L.I. 1501) on 10th March 1989 after Jasikan and Nkwanta Districts had been segregated out of it. On 4th August 2004, the District was further split into two districts, namely, Krachi East District and Krachi West District by Legislative Instrument 1747. The creation of the Krachi Nchumuru District in June, 2012 caused the latest split of the traditional Krachi West District and the remnant still constitutes the present Krachi West District established by LI 2078.


Date Created : 11/21/2017 7:50:14 AM