The main sources of domestic water for the people in the district are the Volta Lake, boreholes, and seasonal streams. Out of a total of 207 communities, only the district capital, Kete-Krachi and Osramanae have the Small Town Water System and enjoy mechanized borehole water distributed through twenty-eight and fifteen stand posts respectively. The water supply system in Kete Krachi township is however not fully functional. There are over sixty-four (64) boreholes distributed over thirty-three (33) communities. A fairly large population who live on the numerous islands in the district depends on the Volta Lake as their main source of water for every purpose.                                                                                                                 

The 2010 Population and Housing Census reported that there are no sewage systems for the disposal of liquid wastes in the district. The people therefore resort to throwing their liquid waste around the surroundings of their houses and in gullies created by erosion.


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