Goals and objectives

With the framework of the government of Ghana’s development approach as contained in the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy, this chapter identifies the development programmmes, which can accelerate socio-economic development for increased poverty reduction in the district. Based on the above framework, an integrated development programme is proposed for the Krachi District.

Development Programmes

The integrated development path opted for the district within the plan period (2006 - 2009), is compared of three main development programmes and these classified into packages outline below.

Development Prospects 2006 - 2009

The development prospects for the plan period the framework for implementation arrangement. It assesses the adequacy of the existing number of services/facilities based on the GPRS projects and indicators under thematic area. Projections made for the plan period (2006 - 2009) have been presented in the ensuing sections.

Human Resource Development

This programme aims at developing the human resource base of the district as well as ensuring that the people in the district have access to some basic service. The main focus of the programme is therefore education, health, potable water and sanitation. The
components of each of these sectors have been spelt out below.

Monitoring and evaluation

At the district level, the activities of monitoring and evaluation are the responsibilities of the District Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU) and the District sectoral agencies. The DPCU is responsible specifically for the preparation of monitoring and evaluation procedures as well as the monitoring and evaluation plan. Again, it is required to provide an oversight over all District level monitoring and evaluation of projects and also carry out the monitoring and evaluation of District development policies.

Actual project monitoring and evaluation are, however, the responsibility of the district sectoral department. Assistance would be obtained from the community and government and non-governmental organizations. To supplement this effect at the district level, the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) and the Regional Coordinating Unit (RPCU) shall provide a general overview of the monitoring and evaluation work.

The Monitoring Report

Project monitoring formally begins as soon as actual implementation of a project starts, and it is directed at ensuring progress according to schedule, standard quality of work, and the correct delivery of inputs (including labour) according to time, quality and quantity. The Monitoring Report should be prepared to according to the following format



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