Population Size, Density and Distribution

The 2010 Population and Housing Census put the population of the District at Forty Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Seventeen (49,417) comprising 25,370 males and 24,047 females. Based on a population growth rate of 2.5%, the population of the district is projected to stand at 54,614 by September, 2014. Details of the results of the 2010 National Population and Housing Census with regards to individual towns and villages are not yet available. The population density is about 46.0 persons per square kilometer.

Settlement System

There are at least One Hundred  (100) human settlements including over 30 island communities distributed all over the numerous islands on the Volta Lake.          

Over 70% of the population lives in rural communities. Only Kete Krachi, the district capital, is urban with a population of a little over Ten Thousand (10,000). There are, however, other several major settlements of lower populations and most of these are located along the main Krachi – Dambai trunk road while many others are along the Volta Lake. Most settlements are difficult to reach due to the insufficiency of the road network in the district. The district also has a considerable number of island communities which can only be reached by means of outboard motors or canoes. The inaccessibility of most of these communities hinders their accelerated development.


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