The part of the earth that is really crucial to life is known as the biosphere. It is made up of the interface between the atmosphere, the landmasses and the oceans. Wherever air, land and water meet, living things establish their home. In order for life to proceed on this thin film at or near earth surface, it is necessary there should be continuous interchange and interaction between the three main constituents of the physical earth namely the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the lithosphere, supported by vast amounts of energy supplied by the sun.

The various components of the environment are held in balance through the natural process. But man because of superior intellect is able to side step these natural and interfere in their operations, thus Man-Environment Interrelationship. As people struggle to improve their wellbeing in the municipality, it is the environment that serves as a basis and this manifest itself in the municipality as people engage in farming, stone quarrying, fishing, services etc in a constant interaction with the natural environment.


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