Traditional Set-up

The Ga Traditional leaders or chiefs are considered as the leaders in authority within their areas of jurisdiction. One peculiar characteristics of the traditional set-up is that most of the chiefs in the various communities in the municipalities have autonomy over their area of jurisdiction and can be classified as Traditional Chiefs. Some of the Traditional areas are Gbawe, Ablekuma, Weija, Krokrobite, Aplaku, Bortianor, Lamba, Oshiyie, and Tettegu among others.

 However, there exist some Traditional Chiefs in the Northern part of the Municipality (hinter land) with sub or divisional Chiefs serving under them.

 Attitude and Practices of the People

Multiple land sale, indiscriminate dumping of refuse and littering, child labour in the urban and peri-urban areas, chieftaincy disputes and some of the negative practice of the people.

Communal Spirit

Communal spirit is very necessary for the growth of a community especially in the traditional stages of a community. The people within this Municipality have the spirit of communalism and provide communal labour as and when it is required. In recent times however, most of the Donor Projects that draw their labour from the communities have complained of poor attitude towards communal labour especially in the urban communities of the Municipality.


The main festival of the people in the area is “Homowo” which goes with the sprinkling of “kpokpoi” to pacify traditional gods as well as collective eating of their favourite kpokpoi. Common dances are Kpanlogo, Agbaja, Gome, Boboobo, Kolomashie, Kinka, Asafo and Obonu.       


Chieftaincy disputes, land disputes, boundary disputes, indiscriminate development without adhering to the layout are the main causes of conflicts in the Municipality. Such conflicts retard the development of the Municipality.

 Land conflicts have been observed in the Tuba irrigation area and Bortianor. Irrigated and arable lands used for farming are being turned very fast into estate development. This attitude of selling land by the chiefs in the area has generated conflict between farmers and the landlords during the period under review. The issue of multiple land sales is a major cause of conflict in the Municipality.

 Ethnicity and Religion

The dominant tribe in the Municipality is Ga followed by the Akan, Ewe and of course a mixture of other tribes who have migrated to the municipality to either trade, farm and to do other menial jobs. Christianity is the main religion of the people in the municipality followed by Islam.


Hospitalities (Hotels and Restaurants)

Hotels and restaurants are very common in this municipality. Some of the hotels are located around the beach and others are located within the heart of the municipality. Atlantic Beach Resort, Bojo Beach, De Holiday Beach Hotel, Royal Dede Caesar Hotel, and Hill View Hotels are just but a few of the hotels that can be located in the municipality.

There is also a significant number of Guest Houses and restaurants in the municipality. Hospitality therefore is assured in the municipality and thus provides the prerequisite environment for visitors and investors.


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