A peculiar  characteristic  of  the  education  sector  in  the  Ga  South  municipality  is  that  there  is significant  number of private educational institutions operating  along side the public institutions. Available statistics show that there are 615 private schools compared to 205 public institutions in the various level of education.

However most of the public schools in the rural parts of the municipality are in deplorable conditions and are not conducive for teaching and learning. Some of these schools are still sitting under trees for classes. The Assembly has not relented in its educational infrastructural provision and also relies on opportunities in the provision of these infrastructures.

The performance of the schools has been moderate in the public schools but much improvement has been realised in the private schools. However the enrolment level of the schools from the Kindergarten to the Junior High School has improved over the period under review.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 3:40:06 AM