The Development programmes and projects for the plan period were derived out of the planning process and from the dialogues held in the communities as well as the inputs submitted by Departments of the Municipal Assembly.

The activities or project are directly linked to the expressed and implied needs of the people and the Assembly. Moreover, the analysis of Potential, Opportunities, Challenges and Constraints (POCC) of the Municipality was considered in coming out with the programmes and projects.

The scheduling of the projects was fundamentally based the urgency of their demand but the following factors were key:

The multiplier effect of projects;

 The cost of the project;

 The distribution of facilities (equity);

 The synergic nature of the activities

 The estimated size of the project; and

 Finally, delay factors.

The Composite Programme of Action is drawn below to highlight the projects to be undertaken in the plan period. All efforts have been made to have a resilient Programme of Action and annual plans prone to implementation.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 3:26:03 AM