The main economic activities include fishing in the coastal and lake areas and farming in the inland areas. The majority of rural dwellers in the municipality are peasant farmers who grow maize, cassava, pepper, okro etc. There are large commercial farms which produce pineapple, water melon, pawpaw, mango, pepper and coconut for export. These employ local farm hands. Poultry is also reared.

The urban and sub-urban dwellers engage in varied activities and comprise artisans, distributive traders, handcrafters, civil servants and industrial workers. Cassava dough production and Gari making are processing activities in some areas. There are local gin distillation plants in a number of communities. The Pambros salt industry is also operating in the free zone of the municipality.

The structure of the local economy is predominantly agriculture, followed by the industrial sector and the service sector is last but weights very high. The agricultural sector employs a very large proportion of the labour force. The industrial sector also seems to be the mover and engine of growth of the municipality with the construction sub-sector in the lead. The service sector is not pronounced but seems to oil the wheels of the agric and industrial sector.

Food Security    

In an economy with about 70% of its population engaged in agriculture, one cannot expect anything short of food. The municipality is well fed because of its buoyant agricultural activities. Cassava, maize, pineapples, and cowpea among others are being produced on large scale. Fishing is also a major activity in the municipality. At Ga South, agriculture is a way of life for its inhabitants and this speaks for its food security.

Financial Institutions

The proliferation of banks in the municipality has a direct link to the buoyancy of its economy. The municipality has a lot of private banks that provide high order services to its customers. Ecobank (LOCATED AT MCCARTHY, WEIJA), Prudential Bank (LOCATED AT WEIJA), National Investment Bank (NIB) (LOCATED AT WEIJA) and Barclays Bank sales centre are just but a few banks that can be located in the municipality. There are also the existence of Rural Banks and Savings and Loans financial institutions among others in the municipality. With this, small and medium scale enterprises can access loan facilities from the banks to expand their businesses and this would bring growth to the economy OF THE municipality.


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