The overall safe water coverage in the Municipality is about 70%. The weija zonal area which covers the urban and peri-urban area of the Municipality has coverage of about 78% from various sources like pipeborne, public standpipes; bore holes, sachet water etc.

Although, the weija water works falls within the Municipality, it is able to provide only about 40% of water in the Weija Zonal Area. Their main distribution lines covers just about 15% of the along the Kasoa-Mallam Highway with extension through kokrobitey to Tuba and kasoa and ends at Danchira. Even with this, there is no adequate pressure to distribute water to residents of major communities like Aplaku, New Bortianor, Kokrobitey, Tuba, etc.

There has been some over 150 boreholes completed within the obom-domeabra area. There is however poor accessibility due to the dispersed nature of settlements with very low populations dotted at several intervals away.The status of sanitation is relatively better in the region. There is a door to door refuse collection by waste management contractors assigned to zones for refuse collection.

There is still however, indiscriminate dumping in some public places in the municipality that needs attention.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 6:03:46 AM