There are eight police stations in the District. These are located at Effiduase, Kumawu, Asokore, Seniagya, Oyoko, Sekyere, Banko and Bodomase. These eight stations have a numerical strength of about 51. And considering the large size of the district, this staff strength is woefully inadequate.

To ensure that the district is relatively calm and peaceful, the 
Assembly collaborates with the security agencies in maintaining law and order. The Assembly provides logistics and technical support necessary to assist the Police and Fire Service to carry out their duties. 

The Assembly also resources the Disaster Management of the Assembly by providing the Management with funds to purchase needy items to assist people who are effected by disaster in the district. The Management also organizes education on disaster for the people in the district.

To beef up the security situation in the district, the Assembly is in the process of recruiting Community Watchdog Committees in communities like Effiduase, Kumawu, Asokore, Bodomase, Anyinofi, Banko and others. These watchdog committees will help deal with people, particularly armed robbers, who are bent on disturbing the peace of the people in the district. 

This will help reduce or prevent crime waves occurring in the district so that the people could carry out their social and economic activities with little or no fear of attack.















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