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Location and Size

The District is located in the North-Eastern part of Ashanti Region, approximately between Latitude 6º45”- 6º55” North and Longitude 1º15”-1º25”West. It shares boundaries with Sekyere Kumawu District to the North-East, Asante-Akim Central Municipal to the SouthEast, Ejisu-Juaben Municipal to the South-West, Sekyere South District to the west and Asante Akim North District to the East. It covers an estimated land area of about 239.1square kilometres and has about forty-two (42) major settlements of varying sizes.


The climatic conditions in the District conform to the general conditions that prevail within the middle belt of Ghana. The District experiences monthly mean temperature around 26°C, although some areas record lower figures. Maximum temperatures are between 29ºC and 31ºC are in March and April, while minimum temperatures of 21ºC and 23ºC are experienced in August. Double maxima rainfall is experienced annually. The major season starts in April and ends in July, while the minor season begins in September and ends in early November. June is the wettest month of the year. Humidity is high during the wet months of the year and low during the dry months. Relative humidity within the District averages about 80 percent.


The District has a semi deciduous forest, which supports the growth of big and tall trees of different kinds such as Wawa, Sapele, Odum, Mahogany etc. Uncontrolled bush burning, particularly in the smaller settlements is fast threatening the District’s bio-diversity, thus putting the fertility of the soil at risk and reducing potential resources for future generations as the vegetation is fast degenerating.

Topography and Drainage

The landscape of the District is generally undulating with an average elevation of between 100-150 meters above sea level. The highest point of the District is around the Ahinsan area. The Oworam, Gyemire and Subiri rivers run through the District. The Anum River in the 
South-Western part of the District forms the boundary between the District and the Asante Akim Central District.

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