Composite Programme of Action

Composite programme of action has been formulated for the plan period. 

An Indicative Financial Plan 2006 - 2009

Resource mobilization plan specifying the resources required to finance the plan and their sources have been specified. (See  

From the composite programme of action, about 1262 billion cedis would be required to finance the programme within the plan period. However, from the financial plan, (table 4.4) total resources that can be mobilized for the plan period is about 117.65 billion cedis. Thus, the resource gap is about 90 billion.

Additional resources would have to be mobilized to fill the gap. Strategies to be embarked upon for the resource mobilization would include;

An appeal would be made to citizens of the district resident abroad to assist the district in its development agenda for the period.

An investment proposal for the district would be prepared, displayed at the website currently established by the Assembly to attract investors into the district as well as seek funding for some proposed projects in the areas of roads, water and farming from relevant ministries.

In the areas of sanitation, the Assembly would go into public-private - partnership with prospective private developers. Interested private developers would be allowed to build and operate the public toilets for some specific time before the Assembly takes over. Starting with few selected towns like Effiduase, Asokore and Kumawu, refuse collection and disposal would be given to a private person to perform on a pilot basis.

The outcome would determine whether or not to replicate the exercise in other larger towns in the district. With regard to housing units for workers, the Assembly will liaise with the traditional authorities to release land to private estate developers to construct residential accommodation for workers.

Constant organization and education of community members to whip up their communal spirit would be made. This would encourage them to actively contribute towards development projects in their communities as well as attend communal labour in their numbers in ecstasy.

The provision of the Public Procurement Act, Act 663 would be strictly adhered to. There would also be pre-credit and post-credit exercises to ensure judicious use of resources.

Annual Action Plan for Programmes and Projects Implementation under the Millennium Challenge Account
An annual action plan for programmes and projects to be implemented with support from the MCA with effect from- 2007 has been provided. 

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