Distribution of Roads

The main means of transport and other transactions in the district is road network. The total length of roads in the district is estimated at 185.2 km. About 83 percent of this length of road network is classified as feeder roads. 

There are only three (3) trunk roads in the district. They are the 53.4 km Ejisu - Effiduase - Woraso road, the 25 km Asokore - Anunuso road and the Effiduase - Oyoko - Nsuta road. The Effiduase - Oyoko - Nsuta and the Asokore -Anunuso trunk roads are not tarred and are in very bad shape. 

Over 85 percent of the feeder roads are concentrated in the South-Western portion of the district, while the remaining 15percent of the feeder roads are found in the North-Eastern portion (Afram Plains) of the district, and covers about three-quarters of the whole land area of the district.

Water Supply

The supply of potable water in the district is inadequate. Many communities in the Afram Plains portion of the district do not have access to potable water and rely on rivers and streams for drinking water and domestic activities. 

This explains why the incidence of guinea worm outbreak is very acute in areas like Densi and Anyinofi, both in the Afram Plains portion of the district. Some communities in the south-western portion of the district which lack access to potable water depend on streams for drinking water.


The district is littered with a host of daily markets of varying sizes. Virtually, every settlement has a market in one form or the other, with few having facilities for displaying and selling of wares. The four main daily markets are at Effiduase, Asokore Kumawu and Bodomase. These markets also double as weekly markets, where traders within and outside the district meet to transact business.

Electric Power

Between 25 percent and 35 percent of the settlements in the district have access to electric power from the national grid. The main towns are Effiduase, Asokore, Oguaa, Dadease, Bodomase, Besoro and Kumawu. However, not a single community in the Afram Plains portion of the district enjoys electric power.

In terms of postal services, Effiduase, Kumawu, Asokore and Oyoko have access to post offices. Also telephone services are available at Effiduase, Kumawu, Oyoko, Dadease, Asokore and Bodomase. Ghana Telecom (GT) provides cellular mobile phone service in the district.

Post and Telecommunication
Settlements that have access to post offices include Effiduase, Kumawu and Asokore. Telephone services are also available at Effiduase, Kumawu, Oyoko, Asokore, Dadease and Bodomase.

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