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Location and Size

The Effutu Municipality is one of the 20 administrative districts in the Central region of Ghana. It is situated between latitudes 5°16’ and 20.18”N and longitudes 0°32’ and 48.32’’W of the eastern part of Central region.

The Municipality lies between the Gomoa East District to western, northern and eastern flanks. On the southern flank is the Gulf of Guinea. The administrative capital is Winneba, atown renowned for its specialised major institutions of higher learning. It covers a total land area of 95 square kilometers.

Topography and Drainage

The Municipality is generally low lying with granite rocks and isolated hills around Winneba. The two major rivers; Ayensu and Gyahadze drain the Municipality and enter the sea at Warabeba and Opram respectively.

The water bodies that drain through the municipality have the potentials to be exploited when dammed for extensive vegetable cultivation during the dry season and for aqua-culture activities. These when exploited would provide employment opportunities for the people in the area and has the potential to reduce poverty in the settler communities along the river.The Muni Lagoon is part of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site with high potential for Tourist attraction if exploited.


The Municipality lies within the dry-equatorial climatic zone characterized by low rainfall and long dry season of five months. The annual rainfall ranges from 400 millimeters to 500 millimeters. Mean temperatures range from 22 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. The vegetation is that of the coastal savannah grassland which is suitable for vegetable cultivation or dry season irrigation farming.


The soils in the Municipality are largely clayey with high salinity hence its suitability for salt production and pottery/roofing tiles production.Based on these unique physical characteristic of the municipality, the ideal spatial development options are the combination of intensive irrigation and fishing with encouragement in eco-tourism, technology parks and education.

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