Ethnicity and Religion
The Municipality is inhabited mainly by the Effutus who are among the Guan speaking group of the country. Minority groups in the Municipality include the Ewe and Gomoa. Christianity is the dominant religion in the Municipality. 

Other faiths include the Muslims and Africa Traditional Religion. It is said that the Effutu Traditional Council has 77 shrines and groves, with the most popular shrine being Penkye-Otu.

Tourism Attractions

The Municipal Tourism Information/Potentials

There are several popular festivals, monuments and tourism sites in the Municipality.

Aboakyer Festival

Celebrated by the Chiefs and people of Effutu traditional area.It is celebrated in the first week of May with its climaxed on Saturday and it is the number one national festival. 

Masqueraders Competition

It is an annual affair held on New Year’s Day at the Advanced Park.There are three main groups called Asafo companies.

Forts, Castles And Historical Monuments 

(a) The Blown Up Winneba Fort: The fort was blown up due to misunderstanding between the people of Winneba and the Colonial Governor. 
Sea Port: Winneba was a colonial seaport. Its function declined completely after the construction of the Takoradi and Tema Harbours.
Vestiges of Commercial Activity: Old UTC Workshops and officers still exist.
(d)  Winneba Prisons: This is part of Winneba Castle. A larger part of it has been lost to the sea. It is now used as a prison.
(e)  Ancient Dutch Armoury at Winneba.
(f)  First European Cemetery. It is located in Winneba.
(g)  Retreat ground for the Late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (near the Muni Lagoon and ATTC)             

Lagoons and Estuaries:
 The notable ones are:

a. The Muni Lagoon in Winneba – It is a sanctuary for migratory birds which come here to escape the biting winters and darkness of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The birds go back after the summer.
b. The Estuary of the Ayensu River In Winneba.

Sacred Groves and Shrine

There are several sacred groves and shrines scattered throughout the Municipality. The most notable shrine is Penkye Otu. (The principal god behind the Aboakyer Festival).

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