The municipality has five police station under two police administrations at Winneba and Kasoa. The five police station are located at Winneba, Awutu–Bereku, Senya, Bawjiase and Kasoa.Bawjiase police station has no cell and in view of the spatial expansion and population of Kasoa the one station there is inadequate. It is suggested another is provided at the northern end of Kasoa preferably at Ofaakor to take care of the new market.

All the existing five police stations are linked to the police VHF communication system. Only Winneba and Kasoa have patrol vehicles. All the stations need to be provided with the walkie Talkie (Short Distance Communication Equipment), cellular phone to enhance their effectiveness. It is only the Winneba station that has some purpose built barracks. They are inadequate for the station and, therefore, police personnel lived in rented quarters.


There are two community tribunals which sit at Winneba and Awutu Bereku.  The tribunal at Winneba which hanged in a run-down part of the old fort with leaking roof.Additional hosts one prision and one prison camp at Winneba and Awutu respectively.The prison camp at Awutu covers 200 acres. At present there are 149 inmates and 60 officials and 3 cells. It has two sewing machines, one tractor, one broken down truck, on e corn mill and one scale. It major problem is inadequate water supply.

The prison at Winneba is housed in the old fort. The building leaks so much that no rainy days, the inmates have to stand in their cells throughout the night.  It has nine cells.In October 2002, the prison had 197 inmates who occupied space meant for at most 59 inmates. The prison also had only 37 student-size worn-out beds, but all prisoners had blankets. On the average, three prisoners visit the hospital per week.

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