Police Service:

Keta Municipal is generally safe as People go about their normal duties without the fear for their personal safety.  The Municipal has a Divisional Police Command whose operations cover the following police stations – Keta, Anloga, Aflao, Dzodze and Agbozume.  Within the Municipality it has Municipal  headquarters located at Anloga and Keta, which see to the specific security issues of the Municipal.  The Divisional Police Command has currently one serviceable vehicle for its operations for its activities. Though there are logistics constraints it is able to operate to ensure the general safety of people in the Municipality and beyond. 

  Fire Service:

There is also a Municipal Fire Service Station, which in addition to its traditional functions of preventing and fighting fire outbreaks also supplement the efforts of the Police Service in ensuring the general safety of people in the Municipality.  Apart from Anloga where a fire station is located, other settlements in the Municipal have no fire stations.  They are catered for during emergencies by the stations at Anloga, Denu, Sogakope, Akatsi and Ho otherwise they depend on fire volunteers who have been trained by the National Fire Service for such services. The only fire tender in the District is currently under repairs in Accra.  These are constraints, which have to be addressed.

  Judicial Services

In the Judicial Service, there is a Circuit Court located at Keta manned by a Circuit Court Judge.  This is a frustration, which the people have to cope with until a new Judge is posted to Keta.  There are two Courts in the Municipality.  One is located at Anloga, which serves the Southern part of the Municipality while the other is located at Abor to serve the Northern section of the Municipality.



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