Keta Municipal, with Keta as the capital is one of the 25 administrative districts of the Volta Region of Ghana. It was carved out of the former Anlo District, which comprised Akatsi and Ketu Districts. The Keta Municipal Assembly was established by the Establishment Instrument (L.I.) 1868 of 2007.
The Municipality lies within Longitudes 0.30E and 1.05E and Latitudes 5.45N and 6.005N. It is located east of the Volta estuary, about 160km to the east of Accra, off the Accra-Aflao main road. It shares common borders with Akatsi South District to the north, Ketu North and South Districts to the east, South Tongu District to the west and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. Out of the total surface area of 1,086km2, approximately 362km2 (about 30 per cent) is covered by water bodies. The largest of these is Keta Lagoon, which is about 12 km at its widest section and 32km long.


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