A wide range of industrial activities has been identified in the Municipality.  All the industries, which are small scale, are owned and managed mainly by sole proprietors.  This sector employs about 13.0 per cent of the labour force of the district and constitutes seven primary or supplementation sources of livelihood.

Categories of Industry

Depending on raw material base and production orientation, the industrial activities in the municipality have been grouped under seven categories, which could facilitate the identification of future prospects and promotional strategies.  The categories are:
(i).   Agro-based:  Fish processing, cassava processing, sugar cane juice distilling, and coconut-oil extraction

(ii). Mining:  Salt mining and sand winning.

(iii). Wood-based:  Carpentry, Standing brooms.

(iv). Textile:  Kente Weaving, Tailoring/Dressmaking.

(v). Straw Weaving:  Straw mat weaving (Ketsiba), Pouch weaving (Kevi).
(vi). Service:  Hairdressing, Vehicle repair/fitting mechanics, Radio/TV mechanics,   masonry.
(vii). Ceramics:  Pottery.

1. Agro-based

(a) Fish-processing    Keta, Tegbi, Woe, Whuti
Srogboe, Anyako    Smoked, fried and salted fish
(b) Cassava Processing    Heluvi,Weune, Sasieme,
Dorveme, Atsiame, Tsiame    Gari, Biscuits, Tapioca
(c) Sugar-cane juice
    Processing    Tregui, Benadzi, Azanu,
Trekume, Bleamezado, Nyikator, Agorvinu, Hatorgodo, Havi    Local Gin (Akpeteshie)
(d) Coconut-Oil
    Extraction    Dzelukope, Anyanui, Anloga, Woe, Tegbi    Coconut Oil

(a) Salt mining    Afiadenyigba, Seva, Anyako    Salt
(b) Sand Mining    Atsiame, Heluvi, Dzelukope    Sand
3. Wood Based       
a) Carpentry    Keta, Dzelukope, Anloga, Tegbi, Woe, Abor    Furniture
Canoes, Standing brooms
(1) Fabrics    Dzelukope, Afiadenyigba, Tsiame, Atiavi, Anyako, Sasieme    Kente cloth, placemats, bags, bed spreads

Straw Weaving    Alakple, Tregui, Azanu, Ahavi, Agortoe, Gbatsivi    Straw mats
Service    Keta, Dzelukope, Anloga, Tegbi, Woe, Abor, Srogboe    Hairdressing
Vehicle repairs
Equipment repairs etc.
Ceramics    Hatorgodo, Atiavi, Bomigo, Anyanui    Pots, Roofing tiles

Industrial Potential

The Keta Municipal has great potential for some categories of industries. Some of these include.

    Ceramics Industry

Keta Municipal has about 1.5 million metric tons of rich clay deposits at Bomigo, which can be exploited for the production of ceramics and brick and tile for the local market and for export. The only problem affecting the exploitation of this important resource is its inaccessibility and lack of electricity in the area. However, investment in this area can bring a lot of dividends to the investor and the people in the Municipality.

Salt  Production

Large-scale salt production has a great potential in the Municipality Currently salt is produced under natural (evaporation) conditions. About one-third of the lagoon can be harnessed to produce salt for export to countries less endowed in the sub-region. Such large-scale salt production is likely to create enough wealth to improve the living conditions of the people in the Municipality.

Type of potential    Location    Remark


1. Shrimps and brackish  water species   
Angaw, Lagoon    Development for both local
consumption and for export.
2. Marine fishing
  Keta lagoon     Development for both local consumption and for export.
3. Inland fishing    Keta Lagoon    Development for both local consumption & export..


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