Adidome; Akyemfo, Battor, Mepe, Mafi Kumase Asiekpe and Juapong are currently supplied with hydroelectric power. Extension of electric power to towns / villages outside the District Capital is dependent on community self – help but through rural electrification programme the lines are being extended and very soon most of the major settlements will have electricity.

Other Energy Sources

The other sources of energy in the District are petroleum for vehicles, kerosene for lighting, wood fuel / charcoal for cooking and the sum for drying.

There are at present five main fuel retail stations at Adidome, Battor, Juapong, Mafi Kumase and Asiekpe.  These stations also serve as the sources of kerosene for the entire District.
Wood fuel and charcoal are the main sources of energy for cooking.  Charcoal burning is carried out widely in the District around Kpedzeglo, Mafi Kumase, Duffor and Alabo.

Water Supply

Apart from Juapong, Mafi Kumase and their immediate surroundings, which have pipe borne water, the main sources of water supply in the District are rivers, wells, dams and rainwater.  The Volta River, which runs through the southern portion of the District, provides an important source of water supply to the towns and villages, which are located along it.  Those settlements which are located away from the river depend on wells, dams and streams.  These are however not reliable sources of water supply because rainfall is low in the District and hence the small streams and wells become dry especially during the long dry season.  DANIDA water project provides pipe-borne water to Tedeafenui, and other communities in the Adidome area.
Currently under a partnership programme with GTZ and the Assembly the Adidome township and its environs are benefiting from a piped water systems.
Again under a VIP World – Bank sponsored project the Akplordodi Water Scheme is almost completed and will serve about eleven communities in the New Bakpa area with pipe – borne water.


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