The Central Tongu District, which was curved out of the former Tongu District Council in 1989 by Legislative Instrument (L1.15) lies within latitudes 5047°N to 60°N and longitude 005° E to 0045. Size:1,460 square kilometresThe climate of the District is Tropical, greatly influenced by the South – West Monosoons from the south Atlantic and the dry Harmattan winds from the Sahara. There are two rainy seasons, the major one from mid – April to early July and the minor from September to November.

The average annual rainfall varies from 900mm to 1100mm with more than 50 per cent of it falling in the major season. Rainfall generally is inadequate even during the major season, which adversely affects both crop and cattle production in the District.The District lies within the tropical savannah grassland zone. The vegetation is dense along the Volta River and along the stream basins. This is basically due to the presence of more fertile soils and better subsoil moisture.


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