Current national social welfare policy aims at promoting conditions, which will safeguard and maximize the desirable consequences of development. The District as the administrative head plays a facilitating role in ensuring the success of the activities of the departments responsible for the promotion of desirable conditions are in the District are;

Ghana Police

Ghana National Fire Service

Department of Social Welfare

Department of Co-operatives

National Disaster Management organization – NADMO

Information Service Department.

Department of Community Development.

Police Station

Though there are four police stations in the District, located at Adidome, Juapong, Battor – Aveyime, and Mafi Kumase, they are inadequate given the size of the area, population and spread of settlements. The District also lacks District Police Headquarters, which will co-ordinate the overall security in the District. All the Police stations in the District operate under district headquarters outside the North Tongue District.

Fire Service

There are Ghana National Fire Service Stations at Adidome and Battor, housed in rented premises.  The Battor office has no fire tenders.





















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