A few NGOs operate in the district playing important roles especially in the provision of social services and infrastructure facilities to the rural communities.  They include DANIDA – Community Water and Sanitation Project assisting rural communities and institutions to improve their water supply and sanitation situation.
Another is the Volo (Ghana) Elsberg (Denmark) Community Project which aims at improving sanitation, health care, education and housing services in Volo.
One NGO named Ananda Merga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) located at Mafi Dekpoe whose programme includes provision of water, tree planting and fish farming to help rural communities improve upon their economic well-being.
Major religious organizations like the Catholic Church and the E. P. Church have made great impact in the district as partners in development in areas of education, health service and water supply delivery.

International Needs

This is another NGO run institution located at Adidome, which gives vocational training and skills to girls as a means of empowering the girl – child, especially school dropouts to fends for themselves.

The Three Kings Special School

Located at Battor, this School caters for the physically and mentally challenged children.  A branch has recently been opened at Adidome.
However, the CBOs and NGOs have had no or very little influence or impact on governance in the district.


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