There are five paramouncies in the District. These are Ajumako, Denkyira, Essiam, Enyan Abaasa and Enyan Maim. iThe main cultural festival is the Akwambo that is celebrated yearly between the months of August and September. Durbars of chiefs and the people are organised to raise funds for community initiated development programmes. Emigrant natives come home and participate actively in these festivals.



Ethnically, the  district is pre-dominantly made up of three  Fante-speaking  groups;  the Ajumakos, the Enyans and the Bremans. But there are also pockets of other ethnic groups such as the Gomoas, the Agonas, the Ekumfis, the Assins and the Etsiis.


Traditional Set-up

Socio-politically, there are five traditional paramouncies in the district namely, Enyan Abaaasa, Enyan Denkyira, Essiam, Baa, Enyanmaim, and Ajumako. The Enyan speaking Fantes form the greatest proportion of the population and have three of the paramouncies at Enyan Abaasa, Enyan Denkyira and Enyan-Maim.

Tourism Potential and Location

Wood carving and Bamboo Beads, Kokoben, Onwane, Enyan-Miam and Bisease.

Akwambo Festivities All the 5 Paramountcis - Ajumako, Abaasa, Denkyira, Enyan-Maim and Breman Essiam

The Great Waterfalls, Ofabir Akotogua

The Crocodile Dam and Beautiful Sandy Flatland along Okyi River

The three-headed Palm Tree, Enyan Abaasa

The Sacred Bell with unknown inscriptions Breman Essiam


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