All the stations are headed by an Inspector of police.  In 2002 about 312 cases were reported in the district. Out of the reported cases, 123 were assault. 71 stealing,  5 frauds,  15 causing damage, l murder, 2 attempted rape, 2 rape, 3 defilement, and 1 robbery while the rest were cases of threatening, and offensive conduct. All the five police stations in the district recorded assault cases. The stealing or theft cases were reported at Bisease, Nkwantanum and Ochiso, the murder cases at Bisease and Nkwantanum and cases of chieftaincy dispute at Ajumako.

Constraints to police security in the district are both internal within the police service and external within the social set up in the district. The internal constraints comprise inadequate police mobile vehicles to conduct arrests and carry out other duties, poor communication, insufficient stationery to work with, inability to pay police staff their transport claims and inadequate facilities for cells. External factors are related to the general poor infrastructural development in the district.

The police face acute shortage of accommodation and at Ochiso. where the police rented house is dilapidated and without toilet facilities. The dissolution of the District Grade II Courts has affected AEE adversely. It has necessitated that most cases have to be sent to either Saltpond or to Agona Swedru Courts. Owing to the long distances that involve high cost of transportation complainants/plaintiffs very often abandon cases.

Police staffs are also lowly motivated to follow up such cases since their T&T claims are not paid as expected. Moreover, due to lack of social amenities like electricity, irregular flow of pipe borne water, high cost of living and problems of accommodation staff generally do not accept transfers to the district. The Ghana Fire Service also offers security to the people in the course of executing their duties to protect life and property. The district office is at Essiam.

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