Development Goals and objectives

Problem Analysis

Problems in the district were identified and analyzed using the problem tree technique. This technique was selected to identify in a logical manner, the basic problems which are working against the general development of the district. This technique in essence sought to establish a cause - effect relationship of the problems found in the district. A major feature of the problem tree is the "starter problem" which represents the core problem whose existence tends to retard accelerated development.


In the case of the AEE District the core or starter problem is low mobilization and utilization of resources. This was arrived at through a situational analysis of the district and interactions with key development agencies and other segments of the larger community. The immediate causes of the core problem were identified as poor institutional performance, low producer price of agricultural products and under-utilization of agricultural potentials.


These causes are in themselves problems that also have root causes. For instance, the poor institutional performance was attributed to inadequate financial resources, low staff capacity, low revenue base and a weak collaboration between the DA, the decentralized departments and the NGOs. It was found that institutional capacity to mobilize revenue was weak. Consequently, the district’s potentials have not been adequately tapped for development a case in point is in the tourism sub-sector.


The existence of the core problem generates several effects that are manifested in different forms and magnitudes. The poor service delivery in the education, health and agricultural directorates of the district can be attributed to the core problem. Other direct effects include poor institutional networking, low private sector development and inadequate road investments. The overall outcome of the starter problem is low standard of living among the people.


Objective Analysis

The next stage after the problem tree analysis was objective tree analysis. The objective tree analysis is a tool that seeks to translate the problems into workable objectives. While the problem tree identifies the cause-effect relationship between problems; the objective tree shows the means-ends relationship between objectives.


It has a core objective which when pursued can lead to the achievement of the overall goal, which seeks to ensure an improved standard of living of the people. In order to achieve the core objective, which is, improved resource mobilization and utilization, three set of objectives were identified for action, namely, improved utilization of agricultural potentials: increased producer price: and enhanced institutional performance. This establishes a means to an end relationship.



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