Programme of Action

This looks at programmes and activities scheduled for implementation by the AEE District Assembly for the 4-year planned period. It is the broad Composite Programme of Action. The Composite Programme of Action of the Medium Term Development Plan (2006 - 2009) is prepared to cover the 4-year planning period.


A Programme of Action consists of a prioritized set of programmed activities and their cost, which are intended to enhance the achievement of the prioritized objectives of the plan for the Medium Term period under the GPRS II. It also provides the essential procedures to follow during implementation and how the programmed activities can be monitored and evaluated. The Programme of Action will also help to promote a collaborated approach to problem solving in the AEE District.


The projects to be implemented in the first year would also be translated into an Annual Plan. The programmes to be implemented in the medium term (2006-2009) are as follows. Identification and selection of projects and programmes in the five year medium term plan were based on the following factors:

Projects that were either not implemented or abandoned in the 2002-2004 Medium Term Development Plan.

Projects with high returns to resource inputs;

Projects that serve as a spring board to the successful implementation of projects in the long term;

Projects that directly serves the need of poor groups, the vulnerable and excluded and address gender concerns;

Projects that have verifiable funding sources;

Projects that promote efficient mobilization of natural, human, financial, institutional and infrastructural resources for development in the district;

Projects that promote immense private sector involvement and stability of the district’s micro economy;

Projects that promote human resource development and good governance.


Logical Framework

The logical framework Approach is an analytical tool for objectives oriented project planning and management. The district Goal and objectives were used in the preparation of the log frames. The various expected outputs of the various objectives and the expected activities to be carried out are also presented. The objectively verifiable indicators are also presented to ensure effective monitoring of project activities. The various means of verification are also presented for the various project activities. The necessary assumptions to guide the implementation of the various activities are also indicated in the analysis.


The logical frameworks were prepared according to the various pillars and the focus of the District Assembly for the period. The log frame will guide the systematic and logical analyses of all inter related major elements which constitute the entire activities to be carried out during the planned period. It also provides logical bases for monitoring the various activities to be carried out during the period.

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