Roads and Railways which links the District Capital to Central Region through Assin Fosu, and Greater Accra region through Birim Central Municipality are the major modes of transport in the District. The services of the main Railway stations at Achiase and Aperade are however dormant as a result of technical problems. The road sector is regarded as the only reliable mode of transport in the District. 

A network of major, minor and feeder roads as well as tracks which serve the District facilitate and promote commercial activities among various communities and also with other parts of the country.

The main road traversing the major settlements in the District is generally in good condition. Recently, most of the feeder roads have been resurfaced and most of the Swedru town roads are tarred. This not withstanding there are some major access roads in Swedru Township which are still in deplorable state. 

Post and Telecommunication

Postal and Telecommunication facilities though not adequate have seen some improvement in recent times. The Postal Services in the District are located at Akim Swedru and Akim Achiase. The facilities are supported by postal agencies distributed in Swedru, Aperade, Anamase and Achiase.


Electricity, LPG and fuel wood are the main sources of energy in the District.  LPG and fuel wood are used for cooking and small scale industrial and commercial activities while electricity is used for lightning. There is no LPG supply point. The main distribution points are in Akim Oda which is irregular and unreliable. There is therefore the need to encourage the private sector to invest in the sector to increase number of distributions points and ensure reliability.


Date Created : 11/24/2017 1:40:54 AM