According to the Head counts of the communities in the three Urban/Town/Area councils by the District water and sanitation team in 2006, the population of the District was projected as follows:

Population Structure

The male population was projected at 47.6% of the 2009 projected population whilst the female population constitutes 51.4% of the projected population. A predominantly youthful population has planning implications for job creation and provision of social and infrastructure facilities. This also has implications on vulnerability as far as HIV/AIDS is concern.

Distribution of the Population

The District is basically rural with about 56% of population concentrated in rural settlements. Besides Akim Swedru, Akim Achiase and Akim Aperade which are the three major towns in the District, other communities have population more than 4,000. Akim Achiase is the main commercial Town of the District and therefore serves as the final destination of immigrants from within and outside the district for commercial activities.


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