Trade, Commerce and Industry

The major activities with respect to commerce, trade and industry include trading services, agriculture, small-scale processing and manufacturing.

Trading is mainly concentrated in general goods, provisions and textiles. The common scene is the large number of hawkers on the streets, erection of kiosk and numerous “table top” activities. Achiase is the main commercial centre of the District.

These activities are predominant in urban centers in Achiase, Swedru and Aperade and in fact the environment in which they operate leaves much to be desired.

The major marketing centers are fairly distributed in Akim Achiase, Akim Akenkausu, Akim Aperade etc. There are basically periodic except the Achiase market which serves both periodic and daily purposes. Commodities traded in are principally foodstuffs and general goods including manufactured goods. The influence of the major markets transcends the District region as far as to Accra but have very poor infrastructure.

The urban-based activities are scattered throughout town not conforming to any proper land use. This practice has serious environmental implications in terms of pollution and aesthetics.


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