In almost all countries around the world, certain conditions have been identified as contributing to hamper the social development of People with Disability (PWD’s) in the exercise of their God given rights and freedom. Both local and international laws and conventions recognize the role of the state for taking appropriate actions to remove obstacles to enable women, children and vulnerable particularly the PWD’s to fully participate in all activities of society.

In response to this, the Municipality has integrated programs in the 2006–2009 Medium Term Development plan to improve the wellbeing of the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. Despite the Municipality’s recognition of the unfavorable condition and the social injustice suffered by the vulnerable and excluded in our part of the world, not much had been achieved in creating an enabling environment to better the living condition of PWD’s. This notwithstanding, some social protection program were implemented to help the most destitute realize their potentials.

Among the activities carried out included the sensitization of twenty communities in community based rehabilitation concept, capacity building of Seventy-Five (75) people with disability (PWD) and support to persons with disability through the supply of 100 wheelchairs by some Civil Society Organizations. The Assembly also facilitated the formation of an association of PWD’s including the blind with a membership of 150.

During the period the Municipal Assembly through the DACF created a fund to support the PWD’s including the inmates of orphanage with the Department of Social Welfare providing the technical support. The Municipality has recorded increasing cases of women and children abuses from 48 in 2007 to 90 cases in 2008 but decline marginally to 80 in 2009.

•    Non-functional children panels
•    Inadequate institutional linkages
•    Need for skill development program for the vulnerable
•    Little attention to the vulnerable in terms of budgetary allocation
•    There is no institutional training for the PWD in the Municipality
•    PWD’s are sparsely located
•    In-fighting among the PWD’s


Date Created : 11/21/2017 7:46:01 AM