Industrial Sector Production

The Industrial Sector in the Municipality is dominated by few enterprises with very low capital investment. According to the 2000 population census; only 12% of the active labour force is employed in the manufacturing industry. The main manufacturing activities involved are the leatherworks, agro-processing and metal fabrication.

The rural informal sector mainly involves agro-processing of cassava into chips and Gari. Other agro processing activities included palm oil extraction and fish processing. The activities that dominate the rural informal industrial sector are blacksmithing, welding, distilling wood carving, pottery and weaving.

The technologies used still depend on the traditional approach with low labor productivity and low quality product. Unfortunately, these small scale producers have limited access to credit and international market.

The defunct initiative if the Municipal Assembly and the Dalsum Industry Limited which was intended to exploit the huge kaolin deposit estimated at 8.3 million tones is still a potential area of investment. The Kaolin deposit of white, yellow, pink and yellowish brown shale, mudstone with life capacity of 800 years was certified by the Ghana Standards Board to be of viable quality for the development of paint industry. In like manner, the bricks and tile industry which was equally closed down at Gbefi can be revamped. These two industries have potential to generate employment for thousands of unemployed youth in the Municipality.


Date Created : 11/21/2017 7:38:42 AM